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Second Hand Bicycles Articles

A Second Coating Of History

Layers both literal and symbolic are explored in Domenico de Clario's work, writes Andrew Stephens.

Fuelled By Necessity

ONE day petrol will be $5 a litre, and the only uncertainty about that is which day. Indeed, the price of petrol is accelerating at such a rate that it might be only one day.

Go Your Own Way

With commuting getting tougher by the day, more and more people are wondering how to make the trip a pleasure, not a pain. Joel Meares talks to six workers who have found the answer ? and they couldn?t be happier.

No More To Pay

Petrol prices and interest rates are rising. Luckily, there's still good stuff you can get for free. Katherine Kizilos reports.

Zen And The Art Of Bike Maintenance

Yuro Narushima finds a fancy set of wheels isn't as important as a negative footprint.